Custom matchers

When defining argument expectations, developers can use It.Is to apply custom predicates to incoming parameters.

mock.Verify(p => p.DoSomething(It.Is<string>(s => s.Length > 100)));

Over time, developers might want to collect these custom expressions into a library. Unfortunately, the matching expressions can't be extracted as they are because It.Is<T> accepts an Expression<Func<T, bool>> instead of a simple Func<T, bool> delegate.

To support this use case, Moq gives developers the possibility to create custom matchers. A custom matcher is an expression that wraps a delegate so that it can be used when defining an argument expectation.

public static class ParameterExpectations
    public static string StringLongerThan(int size) => Moq.Match.Create<string>(s => s.Length > size);

mock.Verify(p => p.DoSomething(ParameterExpectations.StringLongerThan(100)));

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